2018 Started with a bang for the barre club! Marie Claire, JAN, and Happy in Shape magazines all had great things to say about their experiences at the club. The practice is hard to describe in a soundbyte because there are so many elements so any regular barre clubber will tell you...just try it... you'll like it.  The best part? People are loving the workout but even better they are HAVING FUN while working out! Who knew that was even possible?


Women's Health came to the barre club! click here to read a first hand account of the experience on the WH blog!

Book a class here and try it for yourself!

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Barre is here to stay says WOMEN'S HEALTH...

and they also say "The Camaro Barre Club has WH's blessing and is a great school for all your barre workouts." Click HERE to read the article



wanna stay fit during hibernation season? GLAMOUR thinks the barre club is a great place to do it!

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Workouts in english for expats? Yes!!! will tell you where to find them AND go to brunch with you! Click here to read what owner Leah Carlin thinks about  CAMARO BARRE CLUB 

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