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So you've been hearing about this barre craze. What is barre? Do I need to wear a tutu? No and no. At CAMARO BARRE CLUB we use the barre as a tool for balance. But that's not the only tool in our utility belt  Batman. Resistance bands, hand weights, pilates rings, foam rollers, tension release spiky balls? Yeah we've got that. In 60 minutes we accomplish what would usually take 2 or 3 workouts. How? In a word...efficiency. You get a full body burn and foam roll so you leave feeling strong and relaxed. Sounds good right? Read on...

Our signature 60-min music driven class offers a high intensity/low impact full-body workout. If fast paced interval training, strength & mobility conditioning, fysio therapy, yoga, pilates, and a great DJ had a love child, it would be this class. 

A fusion style practice pieced together through years of formal training and experience, Shane's taken the best bits from your favorite workouts and blended them all together. We use a combination of large and small range movements along with isometric holds and an array of props to build strength, balance, flexibility and most importantly......introduce you to crazy little muscles you may never have met.

Movements are done to the beat so the music keeps you buzzing and time flies because you're having fun. The last 10 minutes of class is spent on foam rollers and myofascial release tools to reduce muscle pain, relax  the body, and leave you feeling energized. The Barre Club is suitable for all levels because YOU control the difficulty of your workout using modifications and layers. Think of it like turning the volume up or down on your body.

Expect to sweat, laugh, get a great workout and develop a healthy addiction once you see what the practice can do for your mind and body.  We sum it up like this: Bad ass bodies, good ass vibes.


Wist niet dat sport zo verslavend kon zijn.
— Judith Spek

As the owner of RNTC, I am very happy to have Shane Camaro in our team. She is by far THE person with the most knowledge and experience regarding barre workouts in the Netherlands. She brings a very nice vibe to my training club. Trainees really enjoy her sessions.
— Robby Nelson

Taking Shane’s classes for the last 2 years has changed my life- body, mind, and soul! After having my first baby I lost my mojo in more ways than one but Camaro Barre Club helped me get it back with it’s unique blend of physical strengthening exercises and mental growth by always focusing on mind-body connection. It’s a connection that I feel every time I pick up my son or ride my bike- I’m always moving in a way that is safe and good for my body. Shane’s positivity (and DJ skills!) are highly addictive and in 20+ years of working out regularly, I’ve never found a class as empowering, soul-soothing and enjoyable as Camaro Barre Club.
— Frankie Thompson

De lessen zijn echt een feestje! Het voelt niet eens als sporten. Door haar aanstekelijke vrolijkheid krijg ik heel veel energie van een les bij Shane. En het is ook nog eens heel inspirerend: ben zelfs lessen bij haar gaan volgen om hopelijk ooit zelf zulke leuke klasjes te kunnen geven.
— Stefanie de Jong